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Cancellation & Refunds Policy

You may cancel your case at any time by sending us a message or clicking on the cancel case button in the eviction status tab. Once you cancel a case you will receive an email confirmation that the case has been cancelled.

Eviction cases may be canceled for various reasons. Upon requesting the cancellation please include as much detail as possible as in some instances we will need to provide the Court with details.

Our Refund Policy

We understand you might not want to be so quick to pull the trigger on an eviction. And lots of evictions can be resolved before they go to court. Sometimes, just the threat of eviction is enough to get a tenant to start paying. So if you decide to cancel your eviction within the first five days of submission, whatever the reason, we’ll give you an 80% refund of your payment price. We've started working and an attorney has reviewed your case submission, so we can't give you back everything.

Providing a refund policy is our policy. We believe it’s the right thing to do.