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Cape May County Evictions

Cape May County Landlord/Tenant Court is part of the Special Civil Court. The Cape May County Court house is located at:

10 Main Street, Room 115
Hackensack, New Jersey 07601
Office Hours:  8:30AM- 4:30PM

Evictions in Cape May County, New Jersey

TurboEvict.com offers eviction management software that handles your eviction fast, effectively and all online. For $599 per eviction, you will get ALL of the following: filing your case, allvfiling fees, legal representation for all your eviction Court appearances, unlimited legal advice and automatic email notifications of any changes on your case. There are no surprises, lengthy invoices or accounting nightmares. Contact us at 855-755-3655 if you have any questions regarding our service or the eviction process in New Jersey.

Landlords must file an eviction complaint in the county where the rental premises are located in. Turbo Evict’s online eviction management system takes care of all necessary filing in Cape May County as well as other New Jersey counties as part of the full eviction service. Learn more about TurboEvict features.

Rules and regulations governing landlord/tenant court is generally consistent state wide in New Jersey. However, each county including Cape May County may vary slightly. For example, in Cape May County evictions when filing a Summons & Complaint, the Court requests 3 filing copies and 1 additional filing copy per tenant. In other counties the number of copies for Court or tenant varies.

Understanding Filing Fees in Cape May County:
Filing fees for TurboEvict customers are INCLUDED in the price of an eviction. However people who use attorneys must pay additional fees. In the Cape May County Landlord/Tenant Court system the fees are as follows: $20.00 for one defendant. $2.00 for each additional defendant. In addition, you must pay a mileage fee for delivery of the complaint by a Court Officer calculated based on the mileage from the Court to the landlord’s unit. For more information about TurboEvict’s all inclusive pricing click here.