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Where We Operate

TurboEvict currently operates in all 21 counties in New Jersey.  The law is the same state wide however there are procedural differences across counties. TurboEvict partners with experienced attorneys who know how to navigate an eviction in every county.

Evictions in New Jersey have a detailed process. TurboEvict has successfully automated the process, so your eviction filing doesn’t fall through the cracks, which is typical for traditional eviction methods.

An eviction that results in lockout will typically take 3 months in New Jersey, however the timeframe varies across counties.  An eviction in Essex county or Union county will be processed quickly because the Superior Court in Essex County and Union County are in sessionand hear eviction cases daily. Other counties, such as Monmouth County, hear eviction cases 1 day a week.

New Jersey evictions that are managed using TurboEvict's online eviction system are more likely to be resolved quickly and save landlords time and money. If an eviction is filed once a tenant is in arrears, a landlord is 73% more likely to keep the tenant and collect the money owed to them.