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TurboEvict vs. Law Firm

Law firms aren’t clear about their pricing, and end up charging much more than expected for each eviction. TurboEvict offers one flat fee for each eviction and it includes unlimited legal representation at Court and legal advice. So you know exactly what to expect.

Uncomplicated Pricing

Law firms first charge retainers, and then they bill you for additional court appearances and filing fees. Every eviction can become a financial burden. TurboEvict has one flat fee that It includes all court appearances, filings and attorney fees. There are no complicated contracts, or hidden charges. One fee covers it all.

The Digital Age, at Your Service

If you want an update from your Law firm, you’ll have to get through to someone first. TurboEvict lets you access your entire eviction case history from your laptop, mobile, or tablet, wherever and whenever. Get live email updates on the status of your evictions and even notify us of any changes quickly and easily though our secure portal. Technology is your friend.

Accounting Made Simple

Bills from your law firm can get tricky. It’s tough to tell which charges belong to which case. With TurboEvict, you know exactly how much each tenant cost you in eviction fees, and how much you were able to recoup. It’s easy to reconcile, easy to manage and easy to pay. One invoice per eviction. Now that’s easy accounting.

Dedicated Customer Service

If law firms had customer service departments, their rates would be astronomical. TurboEvict has a dedicated staff of customer service representatives ready to answer all your questions. And it’s all included. TurboEvict is here to help.

Attorneys on Call

When you try contacting your law firm, all you get is the runaround. TurboEvict recommends the Law Firm of Nazor, Cengarle and DeCarlo as the exclusive firm to represent TurboEvict customers. Nazor, Cengarle and DeCarlo have attorneys on standby, available anytime to answer your questions about your eviction case or cases you are considering to start. Our cloud-based system provides access to all the details and documents of your eviction so they can respond to your specific question quickly and appropriately. Get the answers you need, when you need them.

Refund Policy

Good luck asking your law firm for a refund. We understand lots of evictions can be resolved before they go to court. That’s why TurboEvict offers an 80% refund on all evictions within the first five days. It’s the right thing to do.

* Filing fees, additional court appearances, lunches, and possibly a new pair of cuff links.

¥ Unless you call every hour for three days until they finally give in. This could include a fee.

† This may include a printing fee, a paper fee and an ink fee.

** Who can take a message or transfer you to voicemail. They might not though. Sometimes they aren’t in the mood, like during lunch. Or if they are on Facebook.

¥¥ If you can get through. For a fee.

†† And if you ask, they’ll definitely charge a fee.

*** All to provide more opportunities to include fees.