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TurboEvict is Revolutionizing the Way Landlords Evict Tenants

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It’s Easy to Get Started

Our online wizard changes the game.
  • Quick 5-step wizard
  • Save and continue at your convenience
  • Add, store and edit properties within the wizard
  • Upload or fax required documents
  • We file with court once your documents are ready

Stay in the Loop

Our pro-active system automatically updates you of any status changes, sends email reminders for court appearances, other important dates, and when to contact the court officer for a lockout. Notify us of any changes quickly and easily on our secure portal.

Access Everything,

Our cloud-based system lets you manage your entire case history from your laptop, mobile, or tablet, wherever and whenever.

Access the history, current status, all filings, accounting, and all court related dates and information for any of your open and closed cases.

Stay Safe & Secure

  • Secure portal
  • Automatic server backup
  • Level 1 PCI compliant
  • Browser lock
  • SSL certificate
  • BBB certificate

Experts & Answers When You Need Them

TurboEvict pairs you with attorneys on standby, available anytime. Our cloud-based system provides those attorneys access to all the details of your eviction so they can respond to your specific question quickly and appropriately. If you have any other questions, our dedicated support team is ready to help.

Expert Eviction Answers

My Evictions

My Evictions

TurboEvict has an easy to use dashboard to view all your evictions at once. You can quickly get the latest update and sort the results to your liking. From this page, you can complete an unsubmitted eviction, view full details of an eviction or notify us of any changes.

Eviction Wizard

Eviction Wizard

Get started in less than 10 minutes with TurboEvict’s quick 5-step wizard. You can also start, then save and continue later. All you need are the lease details and your complaint specifics.

My Eviction Detail: Status

Eviction Status

TurboEvict takes the hassle out of evictions. Just login to the Status page to stay up to date with your eviction proceedings and learn about next steps.

My Eviction Detail: Profile

Eviction Profile

TurboEvict created an online case file for your eviction. Every eviction has a Status, Profile and Archive tab where you can access the eviction filing, Court results, case history, related documents and billing.


$599 pays for it all. And when you recoup legal fees, it’s as if you’re paying even less! The attorney will make sure you recoup as much of your legal fees as possible for your eviction. So $599 doesn’t just get the tenancy resolved, it could partially pay for itself.

Learn More

It’s in our best interest to resolve your eviction as quickly as possible. You save with TurboEvict because you only pay once, your eviction gets processed faster, and you don’t waste time trying to reach your attorney every day. Additionally, we understand lots of evictions are resolved before they go to court. That’s why we offer an 80% refund on all evictions within the first five days.