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Online Eviction Pricing

One price. Full service.

TurboEvict can manage your entire eviction from start to finish. We’ll submit your paperwork, pair you with an attorney, take care of court appearances and provide legal advice, just like a law firm. But we do so much more. We provide unlimited legal advice with attorneys on call, ready to answer any question. Our automated system keeps you informed with live updates, real-time notifications and email reminders for each of your evictions.

We are more efficient, tech savvy, and transparent than a law firm. Which is why we only charge $599 for the entire process. Evictions based on breach-of-contract (holdovers) are also just $599, from start to finish.

All-inclusive: everything your lawyer does, without the extra cost.

When we say all-inclusive, we mean it. From the moment you fill out our online wizard, until the eviction process is complete, it’s just $599. However long it takes until the tenant starts paying what’s owed, or they are locked out, it’s still one flat rate. The only charge we don’t cover is the Court Officer fee. See below if you want to know why.

Providing a refund policy is our policy.

We understand you might not want to be so quick to pull the trigger on an eviction. And lots of evictions can be resolved before they go to court. Sometimes, just the threat of eviction is enough to get a tenant to start paying. So if you decide to cancel your eviction within the first five days of your submission, whatever the reason, we’ll give you an 80% refund. We believe it’s the right thing to do.

Why we don’t include the Court Officer’s fee:

Court Officers demand payment on appearance, and only show up to change the locks and escort the tenant out. About 65% of all evictions do not result in a lockout. So charging you up front for the Court Officer fee would increase our price. The way we see it, if you don’t need the Court Officer, you shouldn’t have to pay for the Court Officer.