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Who We Are

TurboEvict is a web based eviction management platform that processes and manages eviction from start to finish, all for one price.

The TurboEvict developers identified 2 major gaps in the traditional way of managing evictions:

  1. They never knew what the current status of any given eviction case.
  2. They were never clear how much an eviction truly cost and how it affected the property’s bottom line.

TurboEvict was designed to solve those problems by creating a cloud based system to upload and manage evictions with live updates, reminders and notifications.  Additionally, TurboEvict pricing strategy is simple - all in for one price. This way, landlords can quantify their true profit without the hassle of reconciling invoices from various related vendors.

Our mission is simple: rid the world of the stresses related to eviction management. We are approaching this mission one state at time starting with New Jersey.

Visit our features page to learn more about TurboEvict’s online eviction system.