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Are You Losing Rental Income Because of the Hassle of Evictions?

Most landlords are hesitant to start the eviction process because of the hassle.  Evictions are expensive, time consuming and require daily management and often landlords will continue to lose rental income to avoid the stress associated with evictions.

TurboEvict.com has resolved all those issues. TurboEvict.com automated a manual and lengthy process so landlords can get updates as case changes occur, get reminders, and file quicker.  Learn how it works. TurboEvict.com is an online eviction management tool that minimizes the stress commonly associated with evictions.  What’s more, TurboEvict is just $599 per eviction. That includes all filings, unlimited attorney court appearances, legal advice on the eviction, and the online dashboard.

Landlords don't want to evict as much as tenants don't want to be evicted, however it seems it is a necessary tool to motivate payment. With TurboEvict.com landlords and property managers have the flexibility to see whats going with their eviction at any time. The online dashboard shows all the cases and the current status at a glance. Then click on the plaintiff vs. defendant name and get the entire case dossier with all relevant documents, history of case status, messages and much more.  View our slideshow for a better visual of TurboEvict's dashboard.

Sign up is free and you only pay once you are ready to submit an eviction.